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In 1983, after a tour of North Africa, Dissidenten set up camp in Tangier, Morocco. The American composer and author Paul Bowles introduced them to many Moroccan musicians. The Dissidenten studio was established at the Sultan's Palace in Tangier with the help of Abdessalam Akaaboune, one of the most influential powers behind the Arabic music-scene. (The Stones work at his place since the days of Brian Jones). Dissidenten's second album Sahara Elektrik was produced at his palace.

The track Fata Morgana took off in Spain, South America and Italy and became a top dance-floor hit in 1985. Over 250,000 Spaniards saw and heard the band during a three-week-tour alone. After the British DJ John Peel repeatedly featured the group in England, the euphoria that had originally started in Southern Europe spread via England to North America, especially Canada. Sahara Elektrik made the top of the Canadian Independent Charts. A European tour followed.

In 1986, having established themselves as inter-continental musical pioneers with a world-wide reputation (NY Times), Dissidenten moved back to Tangier to concentrate on film-scores to relax from extensive touring. Unfortunately their success in the Arab World soon took such psychotic dimensions that they decided to shift their headquarters to Madrid, Spain to record the album Life at the Pyramids.

In 1987/88 they played the most important cities in Canada and the US. Their final breakthrough came with their concert at the opening gala of the New Music Seminar in the New York Palladium.

During 1989, Dissidenten worked in Morocco, India, the US and Spain on their album Out of this World released worldwide by Sire/WB in New York. Some of the most prominent North African musicians collaborated in the recording-sessions. Besides the string section of the Royal National Orchestra of Morocco, the album also features Cherif Lamrani and Mahmoud Saadi, members of the legendary groups Lem Chaheb, Jil Jilala and Nass El Ghiwane.

2 commentaires:

hamid de casa a dit…

c bien domage que les chansons de lemchaheb sont chantes par dissidenten sans preciser que ces chansons leur appartient.ces chansons sont tres beaux,mais il ne faut pas oublier lemchaheb,lamrani my cherif et chadili.bon bravo a lemchaheb et dissidenten

Anonyme a dit…

je vie en amerique plus de dix ans,j'enttend de la musique chaque jour mais lemchaheb,l'ghiwane,sihame et jiljilala sont les meilleurs musiciens du monde.J'ai grandi surtout avec l'emchaheb et leurs musiques, j'ai meme achete une mandelaine juste pour jouer leur musique qui a boulverse les generations des annees 80,90 et 2000,c'est bien domage que le gouvernement marocain n'a pas pu preserver cette ancienne ecole ou parceque lemchaheb ont donne bcp de detailles sur la verite que les jeunes marocaines doivent savoir////
Lemchaheb est un groupe qui merite l'honneur et la dignite....un groupe qui ne veut rien du gouvernement sauf la verite que les jeunes generations a venir doivent savoir que le pays a connu la civilisation grace a ces groupes qui ont devoue la verite malgre la pression du gouvernement,la verite blesse parfois mais elle donne tjr un resultat,lemchaheb a ouvert la porte a bcp de jeunes qui seront aussi de la famille des lemchaheb.
Micheal jakcen a achete le succe grace aux riches parcontre lemchaheb ont atteind le succe grace aux pauvres qui ont souffert de la mal-dignite et le desohonneur du systeme jadis.
Je dirai bravo a ce groupe qui restera a tt jamais ds mon coeur.

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